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"What can we say other than Lawn Barber exceeded our wildest dreams! We booked Lawn Barber after our other company was inconsistent and we are so happy we did. The mowing and landscaping team was fantastic and everything turned out amazing. We will always recommend Lawn Barber as the best landscaping company."

"We first hired Lawn Barber to clean up our property especially the front lawn and gutters and we are so happy with the final product. After the fall clean up service they completed on our property we were so happy with the end result we decided to sign up with their weekly mowing service as well. We are so happy with Lawn Barber's technique and efficiency and love to come home to see the beautiful stripes in our lawn."

"It took Lawn Barber only 20 minutes to clear our entire yard of leaves, cut the grass, edge, blow and take the leaves away. The guys are friendly and they remembered to close the gates. They even cleaned out the basement stairwell and I could see they were being extra careful around the car that was parked in front of the house. Thank you Lawn Barber!"

"We recently moved to Northern Virginia from Arizona so we were new to the climate and landscape and we are so grateful to Lawn Barber. His teams were so professional and Craig was very informative on what would make our lawn look magnificent and that is just what this company did."

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